Puppy Prep

Hi Magnificent Mini Sheepadoodles Family🤗🐾🌷

You’re probably getting ready to bring your new bundle of unconditional love home!!

We are so excited for you, and we know you’re excited for yourselves too!! 🐾 👅❤ Several of you have told me you can hardly believe it’s time to bring your little fur baby home…we up here in Yuba City/Live Oak are all working together to make these puppies happy, healthy and wonderful family members for you, and we can hardly believe it either! 😳🤔🐾❤ We love these little guys, they are such a delight… and it is always hard to see them all gone, but then again we couldn’t possibly keep them all so we raise them for you!! 💝🐾👏👏👏 We have had our full share of 💩💩🤣🤣🤣but the puppy breath and puppy kisses and snuggles will be greatly missed!! 😌❤🐾 Here are a few details to help you get your home ready for your little bundle of love, joy…and energy!! 🤗😇😘🐾

Your little treasure will come home with their stuffed animal and blanket (that smells like siblings 🐶) and a puppy worming and shot record.

In preparing your home for your precious new bundle of unconditional love ❤🐾 you will want to choose a sanitizer to mop and clean the area thoroughly that your puppy will be living in!! We use Alpha Tech Pet Kennel Sol Disinfectant from Amazon. These little darling puppies are susceptible to Parvo until they have had their third or fourth parvo shot which ever your vet prefers, that’s usually would like them to have their shots right up till week 16!! You will NOT want to put them down in grass where the other pets have been… and you will need to keep them in a completely clean environment for the next six weeks until their Parvo shots are complete!! We give them their first parvo shot here at home around seven weeks old, and they will need 2 or 3 more parvo shots, one every three weeks. The reason that some vets say three more shots is because mothers milk can neutralize the shot we give when they are young!!! I highly recommend that you give your puppy 3 more or you have your vet give your puppy 3 more for a total of 4!!! The next step is a rabies shot at four months old!! Your vet can determine when he wants to neuter or spade your bundle of joy.. it will be between six months to a year I’m sure!! 💝🐾

Our puppy contracts do require that they are fixed, as we sell pets only, we do not sell breeding rights.💝🐾

Once your puppy is in their new home 🏡, you may want to use a crate for training purposes. When they are out of their crate, I would take them out to potty 💩💩💦every 30 minutes for the first couple days so that they know which door to use and where to go. 😇 If using a crate, make sure that they only have enough space to turn around and lay down comfortably so that they won’t potty in it. It will help them learn to hold it for longer periods of time. I personally don’t crate train. 🐶 ❤

caminis puppy

I prefer using the “Indoor Pet Potty Patch” (from Amazon) for training my puppies 🐾❣😇 or a larger patch for those of you with bigger puppies!!!

There are many good YouTube videos that would give you potty training tips ❣❣

They begin eating solid food at the age of 4 weeks old,🐶🐾 I mix it with a puppy🍼milk supplement (nurture made from pet revival) and at 6 weeks, they start eating All Lifes Stages Lifes Abundance dry! Be careful not to order grain free because it’s very different than what they are used to!

I have changed my mamas to Lifes Abundance which they ship directly to my/your home!!! This is a very high end puppy/dog food and has amazing proven results! For me it nearly cut my puppy poo in half! It has been shown to cause healthier mature pets with less vet bills! Its a bit more but creates health for your fur baby 🐾🐶, trust me he or she is worth it 🥰👅!!

Chris, who I get my Life’s Abundance from is wonderful and will help you get set up to have your life‘s abundance drop shipped to your house… I also use the shampoo and the spray and I love them both!! 🐾 😇

We’ll have Chris Wheatley at 916-206-0107 contact you and she will answer all your questions and get your food (and any other Lifes Abundance products) to you hopefully before you bring home your new little fur baby!!!

Here’s the link to go online and order if you prefer not talking with her: https://chriswheatley.topdogsystem.com

Dog Food

If you are wanting to use a different food 📌you will probably want to begin to mix the food they are used to with the food of your choice and make a slow transfer, changing a puppies food can give diarrhea if not done slowly!! I highly suggest that you spend a few months on this food as it is very very high-quality!! 🐾🐶👅❣🥰

All Lifes Stages (food)

(Like it says it works for all ages perfectly!! When we changed our mamas over we noticed them anxiously waiting by their food bowl for the next meal… they had never done that with Diamond Naturals. This dog food is much much fresher and has amazing longterm benefits which Chris could explain better than I 🐾💖🙌🥰) We use this for our mamas and studs!

Here is my puppy shopping list suggestions from Life’s Abundance if you are interested in what I think is great!!

Lifes Abundance All Life Stages

Tasty rewards -for training treats

Shampoo-organic Bath Body Mist – after bath or in between mist for conditioning

Wellness – extra probiotics and vitamins to get thru stress of new home

Bully sticks – chemical free for chewing teething puppies 🐶🦴


Here is a starter kit that would be a good place to start 🐶🐾👅

The sm starter kit is $123 -8 lb bag

Or (The large bag) -20lb bag starter kit is $188.56.

And there is significant savings when you buy the kit.

If you are wanting a puppy training book, “The Art of Raising a Puppy”, this is a book suggested by a breeder friend of mine. 🐶🐾🩵

The Art of Raising a Puppy

Chew toys are a must as these little one are teething, 😇😬🐥🐛I do not like raw hide products as they can swallow large pieces and choke on them. 😱

Another helpful thing to deal with rusty eye tear stain is Angel Eyes 😇👀.. we typically order this from Amazon also 🙌🏻

Angel Eyes

Something wonderful that might help your puppy in the first few weeks as they get used to not being with their sibling puppies is this heartbeat stuffed animal 🐶🐾💙💖🐶😇

Previous new puppy families have found it to be a great addition to the peace of their new puppy as it gets used to your home❣️❣️

If you plan on paying your balance when you pick up your puppy, you will need to bring cash, or Venmo. If you would like to send a check, I will need to RECIEVE it a week before you pick up your puppy. 💙😇💛


Please let me know if you have any other questions. 😇❣

We here at Magnificent Mini Sheepadoodle‘s are super excited for you… This is a puppy of a lifetime 🐾🥰🐶👅❣

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