Studley Sires

Our little Mr. Studley‘s are oh so cute and so so snuggly!!!

We use both toy and miniature poodles to achieve our desired size of mini Sheepadoodles. The studs are all parti poodles and I call them little purse doggies!!!

With the little tiny studs we often do what breeders call a milkshake, which is adding 2 studs sperm, for the TCI (trance cervical insemination) so that we have enough sperm count to get these big mamas pregnant!!! Now don’t get me wrong our little boys like these big mamas… they’re just a little too small to reach, so they have to go visit our friends at the ICSB (International Canine Semen Bank Nor Cal) for a special collection process to ensure the Momas will have beautiful mini me’s running around one day!!!

Prince Jean ValJean