FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long have you been breeding?

We began our love affair with mini Sheepadoodles in 2013!!! Shiloh was our first mama!! We still carry her bloodlines thru to some of our puppies to date!!! So much fun!!! ????????????

What kind of Health Guarantee do you have?

Here at California Magnificent Mini Sheepadoodles we stand behind our puppies!! We use Embark Breeders DNA testing and produce very healthy fabulous puppies!! They come to you with a 2 year Genetic Health Guarantee. We will buy back any puppy that is found to have a genetic issue in that time period! To date we have not had one adoptive family even consider taking us up on that offer!!

Our puppies are extremely healthy!!????????????

What do you send home with my puppy?

Your puppy comes home with their very own puppy blanket and toy that has been played with by the litter! They also come home with a beautiful worming and vaccine record and a wellness certificate. We include in the go home bag some of the life‘s abundance food, and a socialization chart as well as other literature that is very helpful. In your go home bag you will also have the vet report stating that your puppy has had a wellness exam, and was in good health!! ????????????

What is the difference between an F1 and F1b?

An F1 puppy comes from two full blooded parents. In our breeding program it would be a full blooded miniature or toy poodle, mixed with a full size Old English Sheepdog!!

The F1b puppy would be a mini Sheepadoodle that is a 50-50 mix poodle with old English sheep dog mated back to a full blooded poodle.

There are also F2 puppies!!

An F2 puppy is two mini sheepadoodles that are 50-50 mix that mate back together for 50-50 bloodline!!! They actually are beyond beautiful!!! we have seen no difference whatsoever in an F1 and F2!!! They both turned out stunningly gorgeous and very very healthy!!! ????????❣

The F1b is also beautiful and very healthy, a little more hypoallergenic, and carries more of the poodle gene pool!!

Pick up or delivery options?

We are always delighted to meet you if you want to come to pick your puppy up in person!! we also have delivery options in the southern California  and Bay areas!!

We have wonderful delivery girls that drive puppies from our door to yours!! The prices vary, depending on where the delivery is going!! ????????❣

Sometimes we can work with a flight nanny who can get puppies all over the United States as well as into Canada!!

Do I have to spay or neuter my puppy?

Your puppy will come to you fully intact!!! We do ask you to have your puppy spay or neutered when they are old enough to be healthy for the surgery.

It is not advisable to neuter or spay a puppy before they are six months old! Many vets these days encourage new puppy owners to wait six months to a year before their little bundle of joy is fixed!!

How much is my puppy eating per day and how many feedings a day?????????

The fur-babies eat as a litter  as soon as we begin their special “mush” at 4-5 weeks old. It not possible for us to know specifically which puppies are more food motivated and eat more!

Once you get your little delight home you will want to start by giving him/her 1/2 cup of kibble and let them eat as much as they want and when they are done pick the food up. (Free feeding is not your best friend while you are potty training!) Next meal give them 1/2 cup again and see what they eat. You will continue this until it’s clear what your little darling needs at this age! If your new sidekick gobbles???? down the whole thing then try 3/4 cup per serving and see if that fills the belly! ???????????? Sheepadoodle’s are not typically over eaters! They will eat until they are full and then walk away!!???????? You will want to adjust amounts of food as they grow  and need more. Once your little love is an adult you will then

want to ask your vet the ideal weight for your specific mini and keep them within a few lbs of perfect weight for longevity and health!???????????????? (which is easier to do with your bundle of unconditional love, then ourselves!????)

How long should they eat puppy food?

We feed our puppies and Momas and Studs LIFES ABUNDANCE  “All Life Stages”

They can continue and eat the same food throughout all their life!????????

You can purchase Puppy Food from Lifes Abundance as well, there is 1% percent more protein and fat in the puppy food.

It is fine to buy the puppy food, it is almost identical to all life stages. It does have a teeny bit more fat and protein for your little furbaby! Not a bad idea once you get him to your house!! (Honestly, the main difference is the kibble size… And that can make a difference in how they act towards the food)

How often should I groom my puppy?

It is a good idea to brush your bundle of unconditional love a little every day or every other day to help them learn to enjoy it as part of their love language instead of something that happens to them every once in a while. Specifically when tangles are now apparent and it’s hurting to be brushed! This helps them tremendously when they need to go to the groomer! Another good tip is to massage your little munchkins paws daily while they are tiny! This helps them to get used to their feet being handled, which is not their favorite! Grooming depends on how you plan to keep your puppy’s hair…long or short! Most people trim their puppy’s hair every 2-3 months and shampoo them as needed depending on what they have been living like. Some don’t need as often because they aren’t out running free in the backyard and some of you like me, may enjoy getting your little doodle groomed every month! ✅????

What is the puppy’s daily schedule?

Eat, potty, play, sleep, kissss ???? and repeat!!! At this age they play hard and then sleep quite often! As he/she gets older it will balance out some, but right now that’s the life!????

We feed these little love bugs 3-4 times a day starting with an early breakfast around 6, lunch around 11 and dinner around 6….sometimes if they haven’t eaten everything at a meal they get a little later night snack!! (my dad used to wake us up in the middle of the night and say you want to go and get a hot fudge sundae!! lol ???? we don’t do that with our puppies!)

You can wean your puppy down to 2 meals a day whenever your vet says they are old enough and it’s time! They will learn to eat what they need at the given meals!

Why is my puppy crying?

Your newly adopted fur-baby  has most of its life been hanging with its siblings so in your new environment they might cry a very tiny bit for the first couple days as they are adjusting to being without their siblings and mama. They will quickly adapt and you will quickly be their new favorite person!!????????❣

Most of the time it’s love at first sight!!

Do you microchip the puppies?

We don’t microchip our fur-babies. The vet says done too young the chip can get lost as they grow, and on top of that not everyone is ok with microchips and so we leave it for you to choose!

How many vaccinations will my puppy come home with?

We give the bundles of unconditional love their first vaccine shot around 7 weeks and sometimes closer to 8 weeks if they are very tiny! You will need to give them 2-3 more depending on what your vet in your local area feels necessary. You’ll want to schedule their second shot around 10 1/2 -11 weeks old! We will give you a darling puppy vaccination chart that is in your go home bag!! Check your worming chart for specifics on your bundle of joy!!