Actually this is how our fabulous puppies really did begin and now are such a delight to so many! Seems like a fairy tail but oh so true!

Hi! This is Cheryl and I just want to share a little bit of our story so that you will get to know about our Magnificent Mini Sheepadoodle family and how we got started raising these beautiful bundles of joy!!!

My hubby, myself and children have enjoyed having Old english Sheepdogs for pets for more than 35 years! Our first was Sampson – a 90 pound bundle of love that was a part of our family as we raised our three boys (who are now in their late 30’s!). Sampson was totally goofy and extremely loving to absolutely everyone!! We all adored him his entire life! He was the best family pet ever!!!

Around 12 years ago I heard God whisper to me to adopt an Old English Sheepdog puppy and name her Shiloh! Little did we know that our beautiful and precious Shiloh – who came from Champion bloodlines – would be the “First Lady” of our California Magnificent Mini Sheepadoodle family!!! My wonderful hubby found us this little beauty with no intention of raising puppies on our part.

When Shiloh was just over two years old Jill, my very close friend, called me one day and said she thought we should have a litter of “designer puppies” between our Shiloh and her male standard poodle, Pierre. She said, “They’re called Sheepadoodles and they’re supposed to be totally awesome!

You’re always trying to help everyone and you never have enough money, so maybe we could raise puppies together as a way to help people you care so much about!”

Anyone that knows anything about puppies knows that raising a puppy right is like raising kids!!! It takes lots of love, time and devotion! Well we decided to go for it – just one littler to see how it went! That was the beginning of the last 8 years of so much joy and more and more puppies! We had no idea how much fun a litter of puppies would be to raise!!!

Dave & Cheryl

Jill now breeds the standard size Sheepadoodles and created a wonderful business named “California Sheepadoodles”! She is an amazing breeder and a fabulous friend (more like family really!).

Here at California Magnificent Mini Sheepadoodles we designed our puppy breeding program with Guardian Families and Whelping Families in mind! It is our hearts goal to have every ‘mama’ well loved and in a guardian’s “Forever Home” from the time they are puppies! (We can’t ignore the little studs either, and keep them “well loved” in a guardian home.

Guardian 1
Guardian 2
Guardian 3

I usually have one or two Old English Sheepdog mamas and a Mini Sheepadoodle moma (or two) at my house… and, oh…. an adorable little miniature poodle stud, as well!

My husband and I have made a lifetime of help people through life’s difficulties, and believe in “Loving and Living Lives of Love!” And providing people with these heavenly fur balls is a great way to do just that! The demand for these absolutely adorable little bundles of love has been so extreme, we have had people begging for us to have more mamas so they did not have to wait so long to get their puppies. So we placed a number of new mamas in Guardian Families in 2019, 2020, and 2021!!

Our darling little bundles of fun sell themselves! Everyone loves these sweeties! (One of our clients once saw a puppy walking in a Farmer’s Market and stopped the unsuspecting family and offered to buy the little guy on the spot!Surprised, they told him he didn’t have enough money for that, and that they would never sell their little buddy!!!). These little fur babies are so full of love and personality they typically never meet a stranger! They love other dogs, kids and the elderly as well!!!

Happily, in 2018 my sister (Juanita) joined us. With her compassionate heart and administrative mind for details she has been helping me to keep everything together! She has been a sheer joy to our Sheepadoodle team, and makes some of our clients end up feeling like family, too! If you email or text us, you will most likely get to speak with Juanita. Everyone loves her and raves about her!

My niece Angie, who does all of the puppy pictures for us, is also our “puppy midwife!” She races to the Guardian Family day or night to help mamas deliver their pups, as we all excitedly wait to see pictures and learn the weights of the newbies as they arrive! She does an excellent job and has fun with those little brand new bundles of joy!!!

Angie also takes pictures of each of the litters several times thru the 8 weeks leading up to our Puppy Pick-up Days, and her mom, Juanita keeps the expectant families well-informed about how the little bundles of love are growing! As well as Angie’s professional puppy photo shoots, our guardian families take regular little videos with their children playing with the puppies, or the puppies just running, playing and tumbling around. It’s so much fun to watch all of them!!!

Dave and Cheryl
Melissa with Puppy

To help socialize our little fur balls, I choose Guardians that have little kids around and are full of love raise these darling little puppies, falling in love with each and everyone!

We offer the expertise of a really good experienced breeder along with the benefit of family raised puppies!!!

Our greatest joy is when we get texts and emails back years later saying, “We cannot imagine what our life would be like without our little “Forest” , “Joey” or “Rosie”! I receive those text very regularly! They always make my heart smile!!

It is our joy to bring a bundle of love into homes that have done their research and figured out what a delight these Magnificent Mini Sheepadoodles are!! It’s amazing how many times we get families who adopt their second and even their third little love bundle!

We also take a lot of pride in raising very healthy puppies!, and in guaranteeing the satisfaction of our Forever Families! That’s why when you place your deposit you will find our deposits are refundable, because we care about YOU and want to help you in every way possible!!!

We do EMBARK DNA testing on mamas and daddies, and take pride in raising the best, healthiest and happiest little bundles of joy available anywhere!

Our puppies are raised with great love, so we do our very best to give them a great start in life by feeding them Life’s Abundance premium dog food and giving them the very best medical care, loving conditions, socializing and lots of hugs, kisses and cuddle time!!

We also work at getting them a great start towards potty training, which is an on-going process!

From 3 days old we do a neonatal desensitizing program that last for 15 days… It’s called ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) training!! These little bundles of joy get the very best from the very beginning, and people very often tell us that it shows!!!

Little did we know that we would have the joy of bringing so much delight into so many homes!!! I always tell people that puppies are little bundles of unconditional love… God wanted us to know what unconditional love really looks like so -in His great love for us- God created puppies!!!

Praying God’s Love will surround you in the days ahead!! We would be delighted to help you thru the adoption process! We are just a text away! Feel free to go through the website and see our little doll babies!!! Given the chance, they will capture your heart for sure, and may actually change your life!!!

There is nothing like unconditional love everyday!!
We are here for you!!

Cheryl and Juanita
Sisters – loving puppies and people – and enjoying every minute of it!

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